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Your Car as Social Currency

When it comes to owning an automobile, few words are more appropriate than freedom. The freedom to simply be successful, or the freedom to roam as you please, etc. The point is that owning a car is a freeing experience that feels like a baby bird learning to fly. However, you may not be utilizing your wheels to the fullest extent possible. What you may not realize is that owning a car is a form of social currency. It enables you to more effectively engage with others by being to get from point A to point B faster, which allows you to more easily make and keep plans short term, which opens you up to a variety of spontaneous, relationship building moments.

For example, when it comes to dating, imagine you ask the guy or girl you’ve had your eye on out on a date, and they say yes, is tonight okay? With a set of wheels at your disposal, you’ll be able to say yes and that will be that, you have a date, and before you know it, you’ll be getting them some Shari’s Berries as an anniversary gift years later. This is the magical potential of having a car you may not be seeing.

Another example is being the friend in your group everyone can always depend on for rides. While this means playing chauffer sometimes, it also means being an anchor and getting to be captain of the ship during a weekend trip to the movies. This present an amazing getaway for your and your friends, as well as a bonding activity that you will have made happen by being the driver. This is a deeply fulfilling way to get a little extra something out of your car.