Critical Cheap Car Rental in Dubai for first-timers

Critical Cheap Car Rental in Dubai for first-timers
Critical Cheap Car Rental in Dubai for first-timers

Many things we dislike to do and one of them  is to rent a car. It is a must to rent a car when we travel and want to explore the cities that we visit.

There are more than 40 cars on six continents and 30 countries. We nag and complain every time we think of renting a car before searching and booking for the best car rental available.

This article is to share the best tips and tricks for Cheap Car Rental in Dubaiand especially for inexperienced beginners.

Avoid Airport Surcharges

Airports usually surcharge higher costs for the convenience of picking up your car after you land. Sometimes it’s worth the cost and sometimes it is not. Airport car rental in Dubai offers lower prices. Consider your options and head to the city to rent your favorite car.

You May Not Require Insurance

Cheap Car Rental in Dubai will offer you their insurance plans  during the booking process and when you arrive at the office to pick up your car. They will try to scare you to buy their improper insurance plan. Politely refuse and insist on not accepting their offer.

Try to get the right credit card

The next  point is the primary rental insurance credit cards. The Chase Sapphire Reserve is the best travel credit card as you will receive primary coverage up to $75,000 all over the world and the prime rental policy (including priority pass membership) is one of the best advantages for you.

Always read the reviews.

You should always research and read reviewsrelative toCheap Car Rental  Dubaibefore you book. Reviewers tend to get annoyed easily from situations that could have been avoided. Disregard those as most write bad reviews if they are unsatisfied rather than they had a pleasant experience.

The ones that should matter to you are their customer service, cleanliness, quality of cars and agencies that tend to over-charge randomly your credit credit.

Fill the gas tank yourself

Of course, it will be more convenient for you to drop back the car without filling up the gas tank and let the rental agency do it. Don’t be fooled! They will make you pay for that later. So, it is better that you fill the gas tank yourself before returning the car.

Don’t Walk Up

Cheap Car Rental in Dubai are the best rates you will find online prior to your booking. If you book within 24 hours, chances are that the rental price will be so high.

One Way Car Rentals Cost More

Picking up and dropping off to the same location will fetch you a better price than a one-way rental charge. We’ve rearranged whole trips to avoid the one-way rental charge imposed by rental car companies. Sometimes if you have to get somewhere this charge is unavoidable and you may just have to pay it.

You will obtain a better price than a one-way rental fee if you pick up and drop off  your car at the same location. If you wish to have this option, then definitely you might just have to pay it.

Expect a Hold Charge

As all rental agencies, Cheap Car Rental in Dubai will apply a hold on your credit card for the rental period. Check your reservation details for the “excess charge”.

Everybody knows that car rental will apply a hold on credit cards, but it can be a huge problem if you are not aware and end up over your credit limit. Rental agencies do that to ensure the return and the payment of the rented car.

Better not to ask for a GPS

Car rental agencies will be glad when you ask for a GPS so they can add up the cost to your bill. Better use your smartphone for navigation. Download areas and navigate offline Google Maps to use it when you are offline. Don’t forget to buy a mobile cradle to have a distraction-free driving.

Inspect and Take Photos

You will be liable for the damages if you hit a banister with your rented car. You should always check and inspect every single detail inside and outside the car.

It is necessary to document and take pictures before you rent the car. Inspect any dents, scratches and cigarette burns and never assume that they are not important and make sure to sign a letter that you have returned the car in the same condition you found when you picked it up. Browsing for Cheap Car Rental Dubai will be easy if you know how and where to search.  Choose the company that you can trust and use the above tips to get the best!