Step by Step Details on How to Hang a Door By Yourself

Step by Step Details on How to Hang a Door By Yourself

No matter whether you are looking to replace the current door or looking to cut down the hole in wall & install the new doorway, you will find a huge variety of the door styles to select from. We have collected all important tips that you would like to know about hanging a door, frame and install the exterior and interior doors of different kinds.

Before replacing the existing door with the same form, consider various other possibilities. For example, you can replace the standard exterior frame and door with the larger patio door. The pocket door will sometimes replace the regular interior door & save some space too; 3-foot large door to the laundry room is easy to widened to over 6 feet with the sliding doors. Given are some important instructions when it comes to installing a new door.

Remove the Current Door

How should you install the door? Firstly you will have to remove your old door slab. Do not forget to support the weight below using wood wedges, unscrew this from hinges and remove the hinges. Suppose these are in very good condition, you can keep them aside and re-use it when required.

hanging a door

Attach Door Hardware

Suppose you select a simple door type, you will have to attach its hardware. Make sure to do it before removing your old door and cutting the new doorway. Also, you have to stain and paint the new door before you plan any new hardware on it.

Hardware you will want to attach includes door handles, hinges, and locks. And attaching all these things before time can make your door installation procedure smoother and faster.

Plumb Sides

Set your door in rough opening & level it vertically, or plumb the door jamb sides, by filling gaps at the top & sides with the cedar shims.

Nail Jambs

Nail side jambs and head to its rough framing, by using 16d nails and countersink the nail heads in face of the jambs with the nail set. Make sure to fill any holes with the wood putty.

Nail Molding

Finished casing and molding to the doorway with finishing nails and countersink the nail heads, or fill it with the wood putty.

Additional Tips

Suppose you do not have the planer, it is possible you can make the small adjustments to the door by using the sandpaper.